Dia de los Muertos

The Bohemian has a wonderful article about Dia de los Muertos with recipes and a calendar of events in Sonoma County.

This Saturday you can pick up molds to make your own sugar skulls, or get them ready made. Or you might prefer the completely edible chocolate skulls from Gandolf's Fine Chocolates. Whether you are old school or new school, the market is the place to pick the perfect items for your ofrenda.

October 24 Food Day

The Center for Science in the Public Interest wants to inspire you to make sure everyone has access to delicious, healthy, and affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way.

One of the ways to inspire people has to recognize people and organizations in the community who are working for these goals.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors recognized the partnership of SAVOR (Sonoma Alliance for Veggie Outreach Revolution) and the Santa Rosa's Original Certified Farmers Market. Together working to increase access to healthy food for low income communities

One of the easiest and best ways to support the local economy and improve your own diet is to shop at farmers markets.

FoodDay.org is a good place to start and see what others are up to.

The biggest choice of pumpkins in Sonoma County

Some pumpkin patches may be larger but there is no bigger selection. Almost every vendor has pumpkins -- all sizes, shapes and colors. Not too mention gourds, squashes and other edible decorations.

Our bakers and food vendors all have a special take on Fall. They are taking pie orders for the holidays.

This is still the anything goes season. Still wishing for summer? Hot and sweet peppers, tomatoes ask vendors about sauce tomato specials,melons, cucumbers, figs, and sweet corn. Switch seasonal gears, harvesting our chard,kale, collard greens, carrots, broccoli, broccoli rabe,cauliflower,potatoes, garlic, onions.

Not too mention raspberries, apples, lettuces, green beans, and eggplant.

battle ground farmers market

welcome to my dear friends from all parts of the world

Pomologists in the house

Pomology is the science of growing apples. Sonoma County isn't just the home to Gravensteins. This is apple season.Come to market any Saturday and visit any of our resident pomologists.

Bella Ridge, Lamberts Apples, Walker Ranch and Mariapple Farm are apple specialists.
Many of the other vendors have apples as well. Sonoma County was once covered in orchards and many stands of antiques trees survive.

On Wednesday Ridgeview Farm is at the market and they have the most beautiful apples and pears -many unique varieties. Pictured a few of the apple selections from Ridgeview

Clothing Swap Saturday October 22

A Ritual For Changing Seasons or Anytime!

Bring your stuff and get some new stuff!

A clothing swap is a fun, ecological way to get new-to-you clothes and give away unwanted items. Yes, the term swap is a somewhat of a misnomer, but that is how it was introduced in the early 80’s, and the name stuck. LITE co-founder Portia Sinnott has organized one or more swaps per year since 1985 and has saved tens of thousands of dollars – for herself and thousands of other people. (i.e., $500 per year x 25 years x 1 person > $12,500.)

Often magical events, swaps help ease tight budgets and allows you to take home items you would never dream of trying on let alone buying. Swaps also helps spread the wealth, raises awareness about reuse and reduces the amount being landfilled.

Learn more about clothing swaps and other Living Lite initiatives

Carson's Catch

Carson’s Catch offers wild salmon and cod from Alaska’s Bristol Bay

Saturday Jen Larson and Carson Hunter
Carson's Catch
P.O. Box 750642 Petaluma California
Carson Hunter

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My husband bought a piece of 'Carson's Catch' smoked salmon. He said, "this is the best tasting smoked salmon I've ever eaten; moist without being too 'wet', flavorful but not overwhelming . . . a perfect balance."